Scalable Websites

For data-driven websites that need to be able to scale to hundreds, or even thousands, of pages.

Our Process:

Step 1: Content Mapping

We will interview you and your team to understand what types of content will be on the site in order to develop a rough layout for it.

Step 2: Design and Usability Testing

Once we have a rough layout together for your site, we will build a functioning prototype in Adobe XD and bring in volunteers to test it out. After they have given us feedback, we will redesign the site, and bring in additonal rounds of people to test and refine the design until we have something functional and beautiful.

Step 4: Development

When we have finalized the design, our developers will get to work on programming your site. We will give you regular updates during this time, which is usually four to eight months.

Step 5: Training

After the site is all done, all that is left is to begin creating content for it! We will schedule an afternoon training session for you and your team to get you comfortable with managing your site's data. We will also write documentation that you can refer back to in the future.


Our scalable websites start out at $10,000, but can vary by a significant margin depending on your needs. Annual maintenance costs can vary from a few hundred, to several thousand dollars depending on the data usage and RAM required.

This price will get you around 3-6 different page templates, depending on their level of complexity, as well as a secure backend system with automated backups to manage your content. If you require user account creation, search functions, or other features, this price will increase.

If you only require a few pages, then you should look HERE.

Government Grants

Did you know that the government provides millions of dollars in funding every year for software development projects like this? Depending on your needs, you could be eligible to have up to 90% of the cost of your site covered by government grants.

When we get started, we will track down all the grants you may be eligible for to bring your cost down - all free of charge.

Ready to get started? Tell us about your future website!