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From local businesses looking for the tools to successfully sell online, to large organizations requiring complex web applications for their services, Detour Digital can create a solution custom-tailored to you.


I only need a few pages I need lots of pages I want to sell online

Why Detour Digital?


Our custom websites are programmed from scratch. This means you won’t be limited by the constraints of the big-box builders’ platforms and poor performance. Whatever you can imagine, we can make it happen.

Continuous Support

Client success is our number one priority. To achieve that, we provide free training for you and your team, and will be around to give you support for every question you might encounter.


Every good website needs professional copywriting, photography, and videography to effectively communicate what makes their brand special. We will take care of sourcing the right contractors to create the content you need, giving you more time to focus on your business.

The Latest Technology

While our competitors often use outdated or deprecated technologies because it is what they’re familiar with, we stay on top of learning and developing with the latest and greatest frameworks available.

Our Services

Custom Websites

Whether you are a local restaurant looking for a place to showcase upcoming events, collect emails, and hold a digital copy of your menu, or a professional practice looking to connect with more clients, we can design and develop a fully custom site for you.

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Scalable Websites

If you’re going to be needing hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of pages for your site, like Facebook, Airbnb, and so on, then you’ll require a scalable website. Scalable websites require a backend system to manage your content, a database to store it, and then code to display everything in a meaningful way to your users.

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Online Stores

So you’re looking at selling your products online? Awesome! For our online stores program, we will work with you to develop beautiful marketing materials and product photos, an SEO strategy that converts into thousands of dollars a month in passive sales for you, and a website that shows just how awesome your product is.

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Some Of Our Technologies


Powering everything from Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Airbnb, Dropbox, Yahoo Mail, Pinterest, just to name a few. React gives us a way to create wonderfully complex web applications without compromising on performance.


Strapi is a powerful content management system that is trusted by the likes of IBM, The Discovery Channel, and ASOS. Your organization’s data will have never been as secure and accessible.


To keep our online stores affordable for everyday small businesses, we leverage Shopify to create effective e-commerce websites. This can give your business an all-in-one solution for inventory management, sales, marketing, along with a highly-customizable website that we’ll design and set up for you.


Ahrefs is the leading SEO tool used by dedicated professionals that charge thousands of dollars a month for their services. It gives us complex insights into exactly how consumers are searching, allowing us to build sites that capture as much traffic as possible - converting into more sales for your business.

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